Janet Jackson Shares First Photo Of Baby Son


@JanetJackson (Instagram)

It’s been a busy week for Janet Jackson!

First we reported she was getting divorced, then her soon-to-be ex-husband leaves messages of love on his website for her.

NOW she has taken to Instagram to show us the first photo of her 3 month old baby, Eissa.

“My baby and me after nap time,” the 50 year old single mom captioned the adorable pic.

An anonymous friend of Janet told Us Weekly, that her husband “wanted a wife who stuck more with the Muslim traditions.  Even before the baby was born, they clashed and butted heads a lot.  She couldn’t settle down and be what he wanted her to be.  Janet wanted more freedom.”

Take a look at the precious baby and mom here:



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Image courtesy of @JanetJackson (Instagram)