Listen to James Blunt’s Tribute to Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds


Carrie Fisher/James Blunt/Debbie Reynolds (TMZ.COM)

As we posted a few weeks ago, James Blunt was going to supply the soundtrack for Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds public memorial service.

That new song, is called “Courtney’s Song.”  It played in the background of an emotional video tribute to the two stars.

Here are some of the lyrics from the song:

“There’s still a light on your table. There’s still your name on my phone. I can’t believe I’m not able to call. We met in a beautiful place. You danced, I talked. I go back there every single day. I’m still there, but you’re not.”

Hundreds of fans filled the auditorium at Forest Lawn Cemetery where the pair’s ashes are buried together.

The iconic mother and daughter died just one day apart back in December 2016.

Grab a Kleenex and take a listen to the full song below:

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