Is Sean Spicer Heading To ‘DWTS’?


Sean Spicer (Wikipedia)

Is soon-to-be-former United States Press Secretary Sean Spicer planning on heading to the ballroom?  The New York Post is reporting he is being courted by the producers of Dancing with the Stars.

The outgoing press secretary spent the day in New York City in talks with major broadcasters about a new career in television.

Spicer, who announced his resignation last week, was seen coming out of meetings at ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News, according to sources.

Actor Zach Braff jokingly tweeted, “Can’t wait to see Sean Spicer waltz on Dancing With the Stars.”

A TV insider confirmed to Page Six that the dancing competition show has actualy reached out to the Sean.  After all, former Texas Governor Rick Perry made his dancing debut last season.

Nobody knows yet just where Spicer will end up, but we do know, thanks to Jimmy Fallon, he will survive.  As they say, “Stay Tuned.”

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Image courtesy of Sean Spicer (Wikipedia)