Is A-Rod Cheating On J-Lo?


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Is Alex Rodriguez cheating on Jennifer Lopez? Depends on who you ask. Lauren Hunter claims that they’ve been texting each other and he tried to arrange a date with her.

The fitness model told The National Enquirer that they dated in 2011 when he was dealing with Cameron Diaz – and they’ve been hooking up ever since.  When A-Rod started dating J-Lo in March, he was still chatting with Lauren several times a day.

A source close to A-Rod who claims that he and J-Lo are together all the time shut down Lauren’s statements by saying, “Every week the magazines write something ridiculous about their relationship, last week they were getting married, she’s pregnant. It’s laughable.”

So far no comment from J-Lo or A-Rod.  What do you think? Would you like your man texting his ex?  Let us know in the comments below.

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