Harry Styles World Tour Sells Out In Seconds


@HarryStyles (Instagram)

Didn’t get tickets for Harry Styles‘ upcoming solo tour? You’re not alone.

Tickets for his 2017 solo world tour were gone in seconds.

Billboard reports Harry’s team knew the tour would be a sellout because people had to buy tickets through Ticketmaster’s new “Verified Fan” registration program.  The program requires you to provide your name and email address in advance, in an attempt to keep scalpers and re-sellers from buying out all the seats.  (We’re not sure how that works, because couldn’t the scalpers just do that too?)

The report says Harry decided to play smaller venues and that made the ratio of fan signups to available tickets higher than it’s ever been since Verified Fan rolled out earlier this year.

Harry referred to the sellout on Twitter, posting: I am overwhelmed, thank you.  If I don’t get to see you this tour, I’ll come back around next year if you’ll have me.”

Harry’s self-titled solo album drops on Friday, May 12th and his tour begins September 19th in San Francisco.

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Image courtesy of @HarryStyles (Instagram)