Gordon Ramsay Challenges His Fans For Charity



Are you looking for a way to get back at Gordon Ramsay?  How about donate to charity!

It’s not every day that someone agrees to eat something they despise, but Chef Ramsay has publicly stated he’s willing to eat one slice of pineapple pizza (probably by far his most hated food) for a good cause.

In an Instagram post, the host of Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen NightmaresMasterchef and now The F Word, offered to have a slice of pineapple pizza if his followers come through with donations to the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation.  The donations will benefit a children’s hospital in the United Kingdom.

His post reads, “I’ve got a proposal for YOU: if we can hit 500 donations in the next 48 hours, I will eat this f**king god-awful PINEAPPLE pizza on Facebook Live.”

If you make a donation you also get the chance to be a VIP audience member on an upcoming episode of The F Word.

Click here for all the information and to make a donation!



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Image courtesy of Omaze.com