Ed Sheeran Says He’s Not Engaged


@TeddysPhotos (Instagram)@TeddysPhotos (Instagram)

Remember last week when Russell Crowe made it seem like Ed Sheeran was engaged?  Now Ed is speaking out and says that it isn’t true.

Ed denied that he’s engaged to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn during an interview in Brazil, he insists Russell had just misunderstood their relationship status.

He said Russell “emailed me about it to say sorry.  He’s only met Cherry once and I didn’t introduce her, I didn’t say anything… I think he just assumed, but no, we’re not engaged.”


The “Shape Of You” singer began dating Cherry while at Taylor Swift‘s home in Rhode Island.  He actually had known her much longer than that.  They went to school together.

Thanks for the false alarm, Russell!

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Image courtesy of @TeddysPhotos (Instagram)