Donal Logue’s Missing Child Has Returned Home


@kaseykaseysmith (Twitter)

Here’s some great news!

Donal Logue‘s teenage child, Jade Logue, who went missing almost two weeks ago in New York City has been located and is finally home safe and sound.

E! News received this statement from the Gotham star’s manager: “Jade is now safely back home with her family.   Donal is incredibly thankful for everyone’s support, and especially to the NYPD, FBI and Team Adam NCMEC for her safe return.”

Jade, who is also known as Arlo had been missing since June 27th.

Donal and his ex-wife Kasey Smith‘s social media pages had been full of posts begging for her safe return.

We’re glad the happy family is back together now!  No word yet on where Jade has been the last few weeks.

This is the last post on Donal’s Twitter page, featuring young Arlo as a child.


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Image courtesy of @kaseykaseysmith (Twitter)