Demi Lovato Is Latest Victim Of Hollywood Burglary


@ddlovato (Instagram)

Demi Lovato is the latest celebrity victim in a string of burglaries among Hollywood residents.

Last month, we told you about David Spade’s safe being stolen, now TMZ is reporting a man wearing all black climbed a gate at Demi’s home on Tuesday night.

Once the man was on the property, he used a ladder to climb onto the balcony of the singer’s home.  His robbery plan was quicky stalled when Demi’s dogs spotted the culprit outside the window and began to bark.

The barking alerted Demi’s live-in housekeeper, who reportedly saw the man looking through Demi’s bedroom window.  The housekeeper was able to call the police but when authorities arrived the man was already gone.

If it wasn’t for those pups who knows what the robber could have gotten away with this time.

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Image courtesy of @ddlovato (Instagram)