David Spade Is Latest Victim Of Hollywood Crime Spree


@DavidSpade (Instagram)

David Spade is the latest victim of a Hollywood crime spree that has been targeting the rich and famous.

He was robbed of $80,000 in cash and jewelry after burglars broke into his home and got away off with his safe.

TMZ reports the heist took place over the weekend and among the missing is a wedding ring which belonged to his mother.  It was also reported that there is an active security system at the home, but the burglars were able to successfully disarm it.

He is the latest celebrity to fall victim to burglars in the Hollywood area recently.  It has been recently reported Michael B. JordanEmmy RossumJaime PresslyNicki Minaj and Scott Disick have also lost valuables due to robberies.

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Image courtesy of @DavidSpade (Instagram)