Daryl Hall In Legal Battle Over “Daryl’s House”


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Not only is Daryl Hall a huge superstar with Hall & Oates (touring now with Tears For Fears).  He also has a hit tv show “Live from Daryl’s House.”

In order to keep up with demand for people wanting to see the concerts at his “house,” he is trying to build an outdoor stage.  But first he’ll have to take his request to court.

TMZ is reporting Daryl’s House, the venue where the show is taped, recently filed suit against Pawling, NY for blocking them from building an outdoor stage.  The town is worried about occupancy.

Daryl’s crew says it’s being forced to cut it down from 318 people to 198 or risk being shut down altogether.

Negotiations had been ongoing between the two sides for the outdoor stage, but so far no agreement has been made.

Daryl’s House says if forced to lower the number of patrons, they could suffer millions of dollars in damages.

If you’ve never seen “LFDH” check out this performance below:


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Image courtesy of @LFDHcom (Twitter)