The Chainsmokers To Perform On Saturday Night Live


The Chainsmokers will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live coming up on April 8th.  Louis CK will be the host.  The guys tweeted, “Never in our wildest dreams did I ever think this would be possible! But for real, is this actually happening… are we dreaming…”

The group will be performing songs from their new album, Memories: Do Not Open, which comes out on April 7.

Memories… Do Not Open track list:

1. The One
2. Break Up Every Night
3. Bloodstream
4. Don’t Say (feat. Emily Warren)
5. Something Just Like This (with Coldplay)
6. My Type (feat. Emily Warren)
7. It Won’t Kill Ya (feat. Louane)
8. Paris
9. Honest
10. Wake Up Alone (feat. Jhene Aiko)
11. Young
12. Last Day Alive (feat. Florida-Georgia Line)

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Image courtesy of @Chainsmokers (Instagram)