Celine Dion’s Manager Resigns


@CelineDion (Instagram)

It has been a tough few years for Celine Dion.  In 2014, her husband Rene Angelil stepped down as her manager due to his illness (and later, death).

His longtime friend Aldo Giampaolo took over where Rene left off.  Since then, she’s continued her residency in Las Vegas, toured internationally, released a new album, recorded a new song for the new Beauty & the Beast movie, and appeared as a mentor for Gwen Stefani‘s team on The Voice.  

Now, after 3 years, Giampolo has decided to leave citing “personal and family reasons” according to The Globe and Mail.

In a statement, Celine says, “I sincerely appreciate all that Aldo has done for me and respect his decision to resign.  I wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

No word yet on who might be next in line to take over.  Send your applications to Celine if you’re interested.

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Image courtesy of @CelineDion (Instagram)