Carrie Underwood Admits She Had Her Freckles Removed


You’ve probably never noticed Carrie Underwood‘s freckles, and there’s a good reason for that.  She had them removed when she was younger.  She tells People, “I had freckles on my face and they were in the exact same spot on both of my cheeks, so I got teased at school.  I remember asking my mom if we could get rid of them.  Well, I did get rid of them.”

In a different interview with Lucie Fink, Carrie played a game of “29 Questions” and there were some great answers!  Her first job was at a gas station, she sleeps better when she’s in Oklahoma and she admitted to owning 250 pairs of shoes!

She was also asked if she had one message for young women around the world, and her answer was amazing.  She said, “Support other women.  Tell somebody they’re beautiful.”

Well Carrie, you are beautiful! (So are you, Lucie.)  Thanks for helping us spread the love on International Women’s Day.

Check out the full video interview below:

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