Cadbury’s newest flavor is OREO, but there’s a catch!


The Cadbury bunny is adding a new flavor of creme eggs to his basket.

Fans of Oreos and Cadbury Eggs are lighting up the internet after the release of the new OREO flavored eggs.  It has the familiar hard chocolate shell of Cadbury Creme Eggs, but instead with an OREO cream filling with bits of OREO cookies inside.

There is one catch though, these new treats are only available in the United Kingdom and Canada at the moment.

Cadbury’s parent company,  Mondelez says, “Just in time for the Easter holiday, OREO is once again opening the Wonder Vault to introduce a line of OREO Eggs— a creme filled candy with cookie pieces.  OREO Eggs will begin rolling out to a variety of retailers nationwide in the U.S. starting in mid-February at a suggested retail price of $0.99.”

Watch for them in a store near you!

Remember this classic Cadbury commercial?

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