Bon Jovi – New Album Alert!


Bon Jovi has a new album out!  You can order it at


Bon Jovi – This House Is Not For Sale – Tracklist

1. “This House Is Not For Sale”
2. “Living With The Ghost”
3. “Knockout”
4. “Labor Of Love”
5. “Born Again Tomorrow”
6. “Roller ­Coaster”
7. “New Year’s Day”
8. “The Devil’s In The Temple”
9. “Scars On This Guitar”
10. “God Bless This Mess”
11. “Reunion”
12. “Come On Up To Our House”
13. “Real Love”
14. “All Hail The King”
15. “We Don’t Run.”

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Image courtesy of @BonJovi (Instagram)