Bon Jovi Performs At College Graduation Ceremony


@BonJovi (Instagram)

Students graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey were treated to a surprise performance by the one and only Bon Jovi.

It happened as the Class of 2017 was at their commencement ceremony this week.  The rockers played “Reunion” a song from their latest album, This House Is Not For Sale.

Before the rest of the band took to the stage, Jon Bon Jovi addressed the graduates, saying, “Choose your words wisely. Not only the ones you’ll say to others, but also the ones you say to yourself.  Accept both praise and criticism equally, but take neither to heart.  Pursue perfection, and although you’ll never achieve that, remember to demand excellence.”


This isn’t the only college graduation Jon will be attending this week.  He told Good Morning America, “Two of my kids are graduating college this week.  His daughter Stephanie will up a degree in film and son Jesse has earned a political science degree.  No word if he plans to speak or perform at those graduations.

Check out part of the ceremony here:

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Image courtesy of @BonJovi (Instagram)