Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Twins Names Are…


UPDATE: July 5, 2017:  According to The Washington Post, the names of Beyonce’s twins are actually Rumi and Sir.  Bey and Jay STILL have not publicly announced their names (or posted a photo)
We’re still waiting…

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The most famous twins since Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were born last week, and now we know what their names are.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have named the boy Shawn Jr. and the girl and Bea according to a post on

We are speculating that both twins were named after their parents (Shawn Sr. and Bea as in Queen Bee)

TMZ reported that the twins were born several weeks premature and were still in the hospital with “minor issues” but were expected to be fine.

The superstar parents still have not commented publicly about the births, but Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles did mention the twins on his social media accounts.

Beyonce and Jay-Z got married in 2008, their first daughter Blue Ivy was born in 2012.  The happy family of 5 should all be together at home soon.

What do you think of the names?  Original or too close to their parents?

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Image courtesy of @Beyonce (Instagram)