Aaron Carter Opens Up About His Sexuality


@AaronCarter (Twitter)

Aaron Carter, who recently made news after his arrest for driving under the influence, is turning some heads again today.

On Twitter he posted a heartfelt message to fans saying that he finds both men and women attractive.

Aaron said he started noticing it when he was 13.  He went on to say that after a few relationships with girls he had an experience with a “male that i had an attraction to who i also worked and grew up with.”

He ended his post with a quote from Boy George, “I never felt as though i didn’t belong, i just acted as though i did.”

His fans don’t seem to mind, they love him just the way he is.  “Waking up so overwhelmed by your love and support” he wrote on Twitter minutes ago.  Read his full post below.

Good for you Aaron, glad you are able to be who you really are!

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Image courtesy of @AaronCarter (Twitter)