2017 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Recap


Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (Facebook)

There were back and forth reports all week on whether or not Steve Perry would show up at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony.

And if he showed up, would he perform.

Well, YES he did show up, but NO he didn’t sing with Journey.

It was still a big night for everyone involved.

David Letterman inducted Pearl Jam saying the group was “a true living cultural organism.”

Jackson Browne inducted Joan Baez, who joked that she knew that many young people would have no idea who she was.  “My own granddaughter had no idea who I was until I took her backstage at a Taylor Swift concert.”

Snoop Dogg inducted his late friend, rapper Tupac Shakur, saying, “I know you’re gonna live forever, ’cause legends always do.”

Classic rock groups Yes and Electric Light Orchestra also joined the 2017 class of inductees.

The ceremony included a tribute to Prince by Lenny Kravitz, who performed “When Doves Cry” and “The Cross.”

Don’t worry if you weren’t there.  You didn’t miss a thing.  The entire Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will air on HBO on April 29 at 8PM Eastern.


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